Just start.

Upon awakening, I could not ignore this loud idea coursing through my mind and this roaring fire in my belly. It was a relentless, all-consuming, creative urge to share this message:

Just start.

Do you feel how powerful that is?

For years, I’ve pondered my future and purpose (probably too much) and I continually ask that burning question “What should I do?” 

When I take the time to actually listen I hear a soft whisper in response that says “Keep writing.” 

I even once penned the words “Just write, keep writing” through Automatic Writing, a direct instruction from my inner wisdom or some higher intelligence. Yet, I have hesitated to write until today!!

I have continually held myself back because of ALL THE REASONS my Little Parts concoct. And they are still talking to me right now, or rather yelling, insisting I should stop this instant because this is definitely a stupid idea. 

But this collection of alphabet soup is, in fact, a wonderful idea! 

Today, I’m DOING THE THING. The thing I have been putting off. 


But, how do I do it? 

Simple. Just start.

As my favourite musician Fia wisely reminds us, “Perfection is dull and unattainable”. Therefore, I do not need perfect clarity, perfect direction, perfect skills, or absolute certainty to start, not to mention perfection is actually impossible.  

I will learn as I go. My writing will evolve. 

You don’t learn how to swim by talking about it. You need to get in the water and try!

I’ve recently picked up a paintbrush again (haven’t done so since I was a teenager) and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing… I committed to experimenting, learning and sharing every piece of artwork I do no matter what I think of it. So far, in just a handful of weeks, I have improved my skills and my confidence immensely. 

Proving my own point to myself with a paintbrush, I had no choice but to try writing too! 

Now, you might be wondering “What is the purpose of all this? What is this woman trying to do?”

The purpose of writing: To serve. To express.

I know deep in my heart I am here to be of service. But this multi-passionate, multidimensional, multifaceted human has been so confused as to how to go about doing that. 

Do you relate? 

Creating this corner of the web will allow me to write without restriction, freely expressing myself as I explore all the areas that are important to me – all without having to put myself in a box. 

And perhaps, just maybe, something I share could be significant to you too.

I have no expectation of what words will flow, where these words will go and what they will achieve. I may never grasp the impact they will have, be that big, small, near or far. 

What I do know is that I must release these words out into the world, where there is the possibility for them to inspire, resonate, entertain, challenge, educate or become a catalyst for someone somewhere. 

Before I sat down to write this, I asked the higher power for assistance. To “help me find the right words for the highest good of all.” 

This is my deepest intention as I embark on this journey through the blogosphere. To serve for the highest good of all. 

Admittedly I thought my heart would leap out of my chest as I made this post.

I felt the fear and did it anyway. 

The pain of playing small has become greater than the pain of the unknown.

So, today (or whenever you are reading this) I invite you to think of something you have been putting off. 

Something you’ve dreamed of trying or mastering.

Something that is out of your comfort zone. 

Something that you know could lead to something great. 

And, without overthinking it, just start.

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  1. I adore this. So proud of seeing you honour all your beautiful creative parts and sharing that with the world. Excited to read and follow along your journey.

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