Thailand And My Top Ten Picks

Thailand And My Top Ten Picks

I cannot explain how fortunate I am to have spent two amazing weeks in Thailand last December/January with my family (All thanks to my parents!). It is one truly amazing place, and I would encourage anyone to take a trip to Thailand!

The Flight 

Firstly we left the day before Christmas and drove down to the airport, we were in the air on Christmas day, which was actually awesome! We flew with Virgin who made it an experience worth while! We were spoilt for choice on the flight with the ultimate film choice, we even had Christmas dinner if I remember rightly! It was such an amazing experience, flying Christmas day, like HEY who wouldn’t want too? Lot’s of people are very traditional and never go away for Christmas which is perfectly fine, however my family and I are extremely adventurous and love a trip away!


After a ten hour flight, we had arrived in BANGKOK! Oh my word, what a crazy place that was! I have never visited a second world country before, and it was such an experience. The roads jam packed with cars and mopeds (even some with a family of five on then with no helmets!!) All the bright lights, loud noises, it was not the way I had imagined. We spent two nights in Bangkok and could of stayed for longer. We travelled by ‘TucTuc’ and ‘Tram’ which was also an experience, it was constantly busy! Myself and my mum absolutely loved the shopping there especially with it all being super cheap, and obviously with little stop offs at Starbucks and cute Thai coffee shops.


Secondly, we travelled down the country heading to a place called ‘ Pattaya’, in which we stayed a few nights. The experience on the Thai strip was amazing and so much fun! We spent days on the hot, white sandy beaches filled with foot massages and deep fried prawns. What better way to spent a day in January, when it was most likely to be raining and cold back at home? Everything is so cheap out there, like a can of pop is like 12p and you can buy chicken and prawns for 6p etc… If you have no money and want a holiday (But can afford the flight out there ) you’ll be fine once you’re there because it is all so so cheap! Visit the main strip at night, and you’ll certainly experience a few new things, like Thai lady men, ping pong, Thai boxing, all sorts, not something you would see here in the UK!

Koh Phangan

After a few days in Pattaya we took a little flight to an island called ‘Koh Phangan’ and stayed in the most beautiful hotel ever called ‘Buri rasa village’. It’s honestly the most beautiful island I have ever been too, and I am already wanting to re visit in the near future. The staff are super friendly and are at your attention at all times. The village is along side a beautiful white sandy and clear water beach, but also has a freezing cold swimming pool (which is just what you need when it’s boiling) and out door showers.  We were lucky to be ‘all inclusive’ and breakfast, lunch and dinner was just perfect, food for everyone, and in the evening you dine on the beach front, some nights there were shows and fireworks for entertainment, and of course unlimited cocktails.

The Jungle 

We then travelled to THE JUNGLE!!!! Which I was super nervous about, as i’m not a fan of CREEPY CRAWLIES! However I survived! We stayed in a wooden lodge in the middle of the jungle, we had bed nets above our head, but this didn’t stop me worrying about the spiders and scorpions! The views were incredible, and you could hear every echo possible. I’m sure they did the best Thai green curry too!  We then travelled to ‘Elephant Hills’ which is an elephant foundation which looks after elephants and is against tourists riding them. However we had the chance to feed, wash and play with the elephants, and it was amazing to see how well they were looked after. We also went on a canoe where we saw water snakes, monkeys, elephants.It was a magical experience.

I cannot thank my parents enough for this unforgettable trip, and the amazing memories that we created together as a family. However I urge everyone to visit Thailand at some point in their life if they get the opportunity. We only visited certain parts of Thailand and i’m sure there is so much more to see, therefore I hope one day I can return. If anyone of you are planning a trip and want places to visit or any recommendations please message/comment and i’ll be able to help!

My top ten picks 

  • Visit the Grand palace in Bangkok
  • Get at least one Thai massage
  • Try Thailand street food
  • Get on a TucTuc
  • Shop till you drop
  • Visit elephant hills
  • Khao sok national park
  • Visit ‘lebua’ sky bar (where part of the hangover was filmed & have a hangovermartini)
  • Visit temple of Dawn from the river in a Thai boat
  • Vist an Island (mine was Koh Pangan)

Thank you so much for reading, and hope you enjoyed it! I am sorry that my photos are not of great quality, when I visited Thailand I wasn’t into photography, but I still think they look pretty good if I do say so myself!

Thanks Guys,

Hannah Jayde


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