My idea of a perfect night in with my amazon fire stick


Well, well, well, isn’t life just stressful. No matter what your age, job, uni degree, life is stressful. I’m currently very stressed as I’m going through my hardest period at uni, all exams and assignments are very close now, and to be honest I think I just need to chill a lil bit more. I know summer is on the horizon, however, for now, it’s still pouring it down with rain and feels like winter, therefore a cosy night in, every night seems perfect.

Yaaaas, your girl needs to chill.

Hence me talking about my idea of a perfect night in, Dominos, hot choccy, candles, my heated blanket and my amazon fire stick, sounds like the perfect night in!

A dominos – click here right now, and treat yo self  It’s literally my all-time FAVOURITE take away,  trust me I wish it wasn’t, but it is! I just can’t resist a half and half with pepperoni passion and texas bbq, oh and don’t forget the GARLIC AND HERB DIP – anyone who doesn’t LOVE the dip, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

Candles and my heated blanket. These are items I can’t live without. A cosy night in without them, well it just wouldn’t be a cosy night in, would it now? Nothing I love more than getting all snuggled up under my heated blanket on the sofa, whilst watching my candles flickering, snuggled up in my fav pjays.

However the main essential for a cosy night in, is, of course, my amazon fire stick. It’s the only perfect thing you need for a cosy night in, with it being fully loaded with films and super easy to use. It can be used on your tv, laptop or anything that has a USB slot. Which also means being able to travel with it, and take it wherever you want. You can watch Netflix on it, use ‘Alexa ‘on it to search for movies, it can even play music, – it’s honestly designed for everything. It’s super small and handy, which means easy to carry around with you. Just plug it into an HDTV or laptop, and you can start streaming in minutes. Latest deals, are selling it super cheap, Click here to purchase your amazon fire stick right now, honestly, you won’t regret it, and it makes the perfect companion for a night in alone or with a partner or even friends and family.  Let me know if you’ve used one before, I’d love to hear your thoughts?


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  1. May 7, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    I never heard about an amazon fire stick before.. Are they available internationally?

  2. May 22, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    Dominos is always a good decision, hahaha! I need to get an Amazon fire stick too! Xx

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