New lighting for your home with a Scandinavian feel

New lighting for your home with a Scandinavian feel

Ahhhhhhh I just love anything to do with interiors, whether that be, a new throw, a new piece of furniture, or lighting. Anything to do with my home, I just love. I know for sure, you guys will love these festive lights, that make you feel close to nature.

This summer, Festive Lights are talking friluftsliv – the Scandinavian philosophy of reconnecting with nature.  Bringing nature to your own home, making it personal, sensational and pretty cheap too! Click here to have a browse, they have such gorgeous interior pieces.

Creating something in your home, is so important, and especially with a Scandinavian feel, what more could you possibly want? These lights create the most perfect atmosphere, whether you put them in your home or garden. I love anything that creates ‘an instagramable shot’ or just to make your home or garden a little more classy and elegant. These are the perfect lights for chilling on the sofa with your partner or lighting up your dining room when having the girls around.


Honestly though, how beautiful are these for your home? Just picture yourself sitting in your garden, on a summers eve, with a little bit of lighting just to lift up the mood, and give your garden/home a little Scandinavian feel.

No matter what stresses you deal with on a daily basis, the practice of reconnecting with nature is always beneficial. Scandinavians call this connection ‘friluftsliv’ (pronounced free-loofts-liv). Literally translated to “open-air living,” the term refers to the value of spending time in remote natural locations in order to rejuvenate ourselves, mentally and physically. Of course the problem is that our daily schedules are not always conducive to taking a nature-based break.

Now that summer is almost upon us, we’re spending as much time as possible outdoors – and as longer days give way to warmer nights, the benefits of solar powered lighting really start to shine. Solar outdoor lights will save you money on your electricity bill all year long, and they’re super convenient because they can be placed practically anywhere without worry about complicated electrical wiring.

These lights are the perfect solution for keeping calm and stress-free, and at the same time, giving your home & garden a new feel. I’d love to know what you think, click here to find out more and even place a cheeky purchase.


*Information for this post is from a press release by Festive Lights


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  1. ohlunablog
    July 7, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    Honestly Scandinavia is the epitome of interior design. I’ve been a huge fan of Finland and Sweden since I could remember and their lifestyles. These lights are stunning!

    Lisa | Oh Luna x

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