The Best Day Trip In Cardiff

Cardiff is a part of wales which is one of the most impressive and varied destinations in the entire country. As the capital of wales, Cardiff sees thousands of tourists, cultures and activities pass through its border each and every year. If you fancy taking a trip to this glorious city this year, here are some of things you can do.

Cardiff Castle

For anyone who visits the UK, you cannot leave without visiting at least one of the hundreds of castles which grace the landscape. As far as castles go, Cardiff castle is vast and is an impressive one to visit this year. You will be able to enjoy the history of the city first hand and it will be an amazing place to take the kids. You’ll even be able to see parts of the castle which the Victorians updated to add a new design to the building.

National Museum

Wales is a country with an incredibly long history which spams back a few thousands years. Just like the rest of the UK, Wales has a history shrouded in drama, romance and fantasy. It is something which can be magical for your kids and for yourself. History and art from all over the country is held in this museum so you will be able to see the real origins of the people who live here.

The Doctor Who Experience

Whether you have watched this sci-fi classic or not, doctor who is a programme which is the longest running sci-fi in the world and it has a huge connection with Cardiff. Since the reboot in 2005, Doctor Who has been filmed in and around Cardiff, and the spinoff series Torchwood is based in this city. If you are a fan of the show and fancy a fun day out with the kids, head to the doctor who experience in Cardiff and go on your own adventure in time and space.

Bute Park

Cardiff isn’t just about buildings and history, it also has some beautiful green areas around which are stunning and will give you a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. On a sunny day, take a trip to Bute park which is full of stunning flowers, a trail along the River Taff, and so,e gardens which you can visit with your family. It is the perfect place for a picnic and a lovely time in the sunshine!

The Grazing Shed

While you are visiting this city, why not enjoy some proper tidy cardiff food and visit the number one burger joint in Wales? The grazing shed offers a huge range of mouthwatering burgers made with top quality beef, and you can wash it all done with a drink of ginger beer or cloudy lemonade. It is the perfect pit stop in the middle of the day to give you some much needed energy for the rest of the day. What could be better than a double cheeseburger and soda in Wales?


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