Headboard Projects You Will Fall In Love With


If there is one thing that can transform your bedroom more than anything else, it’s a pretty headboard. It’s the overlooked moment that makes a space pop and fizz, leaving you with nothing to say but: awwwww. That’s why we pulled on our snorkel and goggles and dived into the deep end of the Internet, trying to round up the most innovative, creative and downright gorgeous DIY headboard projects that will leave you smiling and your bedroom looking a billion bucks, for little more than a handful of cents and dollars.


So let’s get on with the show shall we:


  1. Fall In Love Beneath A Tapestry

Nothing adds a splash of colour like an oversized tapestry draped across the wall behind your bed. It’s that deliciously cheap way to fill a massive space, play with your love of fabrics, add another texture to your room and create a feeling depending on what sort of print or pattern you pick.


  1. For The Love Of Flowers

Paper flowers, plastic ones, incredibly realistic fakes – whatever tickles your fancy, when you have flowers to play with, you have the chance to create one of the prettiest headboards every envisaged. All you need is an old pallet, some thin white artist tape, some floral wire, snips and your flowers of choice and, voila, you can start decorating to your heart’s desire.


  1. Coziest Place On Earth

What could fill your room with snuggly comfort more than a quilt headboard? That’s right. We said a quilt headboard, not quilted. It’s a project as simple as it is stunning, where all you need to do is hang a wooden drapery rod on the wall above your bed, and then drape a pretty quilt over it, whether that be one you’ve picked up at a local crafts fair, a far-flung flea market or have your dear old granny knit you one.


  1. Doorway To Perfection

What you can do with an old door will utterly blow your mind. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a reclaimed door to add that sense of rustic charm to the head of your bed, you can just pop to George Hill Timber, get your hands on a fresh one and create that worn look yourself. Not only will this look fifty shades of fabulous, but you can personalise it how you like. Paint it your favourite colour, wrap it in fabric, screw pretty bedside lights into it, anything you fancy.


  1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If you really want to make a beautiful and chic statement, then you will have a tough time doing better than an oversized mirror placed behind the bed. Not only will your room feel bigger and bolder, you will get to enjoy a movie-like morning every time the sun crawls through your curtains as you lift your head, spot your bed-tousled hair, smile and whisper the words: good morning, beautiful.

It’s such a small moment in a bedroom, but one that can last forever if you get it right.


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