Bold Beauty Moves

We all tend to look out for beauty routines or procedures that will help us to look and feel fabulous at all times. Chances are that you have already tried a few out! Now, there are current trends that are taking the beauty world by storm and you’ve probably already seen a few of these spread across social media as well as up and down the high street. For now, let’s focus on piercings and thick, bold brows!




Now, chances are that you already have your earlobes pierced. This form of body modification dates back to ancient times and in the U.K the average woman will have her earlobes pierced around the age of seven, with many men following suit too! However, there are various other forms of piercing out there to take into consideration as well. If you want to stick to your ears, you can decorate yourself with cartilage piercings. If you’re feeling a little bolder, you might want to consider nose or lip piercings. Just remember to always purchase your jewellery from reliable suppliers such as Piercing Mania. This will ensure that you only use jewellery made from high-quality materials.


Eyebrow Microblading


Eyebrows have gone through many different trends over the years. In fact, if you look into it, each decade has its own distinct style! The 1920s saw women with extremely thin, relatively straight-line brows, with actors like Clara Bow inspiring the nation with extreme plucking and pencil lines. During the 1930s, brows become a little thicker and a little more arched, with actors like Jean Harlow using them to their dramatic advantage. The 1940s let go of the tweezers and embraced more natural, fuller looking shapes, whereas Marilyn Monroe brought a more brushed look to the 1950s. In the 1960s, eyebrows took a backseat as people focused more on bright eyeshadows and drawn on lashes. This was followed up with the 70s obsession with waxing until bushy brows returned in the 1980s. The 90s once again saw thin shapes adorn the faces of models such as Kate Moss and the 2000s saw this expand into barely-there shapes. Now, by the 2010s, eyebrows are a major point of focus on our faces again. Eyebrow pomades and powders have hit the store shelves, and bold, perfectly shaped and coloured in brows are on trend. However, you can go a step further to take on the Cara deLevingne look. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of brow styling and is essentially a form of tattooing artistry. A pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool (rather than a machine like a tattoo gun). Hair-like strokes are drawn to mimic the appearance of natural hair. It gives the most natural looking brows possible that will look spot on from the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep. While pain is relative, it’s generally said to be tolerable, feeling like having little scratches that are more uncomfortable than hurtful. You will need touch-ups every six months, but it will give you a strong brow look.

Hopefully this has helped you to see how people achieve pretty piercing looks, as well as the thick brows that are right on trend this season!


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