Why Cambridge Is The Best Choice For A UK Trip

When you can’t afford to travel abroad, taking a trip in the UK is a good alternative. There are so many amazing cities, beautiful countryside and picturesque villages all over the place. Most people that live in this country haven’t even scratched the surface. You could always go to the big cities like London, Birmingham or Manchester but there are plenty of alternatives. One place that doesn’t usually feature on people’s bucket list is Cambridge, but it has so much to offer. If you’re struggling to decide where to go for your next UK trip, here are 4 reasons you should consider Cambridge.


Great Places To Stay


Cambridge is a beautiful city that has so much to offer, and there are some great places to stay while you’re there. You could opt for one of the hotels in the area but if you want your own space and you don’t want to spend as much money, you could rent an apartment from Peymans instead. It’s a good way to save money because you’ll have the facilities to make your own food, meaning you don’t have to eat out every single night while you’re there. The city can get a little expensive so that’s always a bonus.


Cambridge University


The university is usually the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Cambridge. It’s arguably the best university in the world and it’s been attended by some of the most famous thinkers in history including Stephen Hawking and some famous comedians like Stephen Fry. Walking in the footsteps of those people is an incredible feeling and the buildings themselves are spectacular. The buildings date back to the 12th century so you’re getting a taste of history but the fact that it’s a student town also means that there are plenty of nice places to grab a bite to eat and a drink nearby.




Taking a gondola down the canals in Venice is an amazing experience, but also a pretty expensive one. But the good news is, you can get a similar experience in Cambridge. It’s very cheap to go punting down the river in Cambridge and it’s the best way to explore the city and take in the impressive architecture. You can also go fishing in the river or take a picnic and sit along the banks, watching the boats go by.


Cambridge Market


A good market is always a fun activity to do while you’re away. There are countries around the world that are famous for their markets, selling all sorts of local goods and produce. But you don’t need to jump on a plane to find that, just head to Cambridge. The market is open seven days a week and you’ll find everything from locally made food to second hand books and records there. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can spend an afternoon walking around and exploring all of the different stalls.


You don’t need to spend loads of money going abroad this year, just head to Cambridge instead and you’ll find a lot of the same stuff.  


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