4 Creative Ways to Use Your Garage

What’s a garage for, when all is said and done? If you’re just opened your eyes in disbelief at that question and exclaimed “to keep your car in, obviously”, don’t be so hasty. Sure, sure, you can use your garage in that “traditional” way if you’d like — but there’s so much that you can also do with that extra bit of space that’s attached to your house, but that isn’t really part of it.


If you don’t have a car, if you’re happy to leave your car in the driveway, or if you’ve got a double garage — your garage can serve as a spare room, an area dedicated to a particular function or purpose, or even a space for spiritual pursuit, or the creation and maintenance of your own business.


So, read the following suggestions for ways to use your garage, and see if you might not need to do a quick search for garage doors Brisbane, in order to modify yours for its newer, bigger, and better purpose in life.


Here are some good ways to make use of your garage, which have nothing to do with storing your car.


Set up a DIY or crafts room


It seems, sometimes, like DIY is a dying art-form. Plenty of people will still give it a try, and you’d think that with the amazing availability of all forms of information, provided by the internet, more people than ever would be trying their hand at fixing the kitchen sink, or assembling a bed frame, or set of bookcases from scratch.


Yet for all that, it seems as if it’s increasingly on the members of the older generations who are really savvy about home maintenance, woodworking, and related crafts, while millennials are often happy just to call an expert tradesman to drop by and make their problems go away.


But DIY skills are eternally useful, and attending to your own repairs and small construction projects can give you a real sense of fulfilment and self-reliance.


Of course, to embark on any real DIY project, you need enough space in order to get working, without distractions, and without the fear that you’re going to destroy the living room carpet with paint and sawdust.


Turning your garage into a DIY workshop can be an excellent way of opening the door to this productive and uplifting hobby.


Aside from DIY, in the direct sense of repairing faulty appliances and goods around the home, your garage can also become a really useful area for crafts in general.


Perhaps you have a hobby of making dolls or ornaments from scratch, or of carving children’s toys, or even just of doing some ambitious weaving and knitting. Having a “workshop” in your garage can give you the space you need to get the most out of your hobbies.


Set up a home gym


Fitness is a big deal. According to current stats for obesity and associated disorders, such as Type 2 Diabetes, the population at large may be more “unfit” than ever before. Nonetheless, there is some research showing that increasingly high numbers of people are flooding into the nation’s gyms and doing what they can to take the matter of fitness into their own hands.


To this end, a huge number of people spend a huge amount of money, annually, on gym memberships. All too often, these gym memberships go unused for an array of different reasons.


Sometimes, people’s self-consciousness kicks in, and they just can’t motivate themselves to consistently make it to the gym after work, at the times when it’s most likely to be packed to the rafters with people.


At other times, the effort of getting dressed, packing a gym bag, driving down to the gym for a workout session, and then driving home, is enough of a psychological deterrent to keep people at home.


Every January sees a huge number of “New Years Resolution” gym goers signing up for membership, and each February sees a surprising decrease in the number of gym attendees.


Setting up a home-gym in your garage can be a brilliant solution to all of these issues, and more. You get the privilege of training in private, on your own time, without any commute, and with the bare minimum of required “extra effort”.


Although the initial costs of setting up a home gym may be daunting, you’re likely actually to save a significant amount of money in the mid-term.


To start your own home gym, you don’t need a thousand fancy machines and bits of esoteric training equipment. Fundamentally, you just need a rubber mat for the floor, a power-cage, a barbell and plates, and maybe a set of dumbbells, and a stationary exercise bike.


Use it as a modified mega-wardrobe


This suggestion isn’t going to be for everyone. If you’re already a bit of a shopaholic, hoping to reform your ways, having an extra mega-closet on hand probably won’t do you any favours, for example.


If, however, you’ve got a healthy relationship with your consumer purchases and enjoy being something of a fashionista, having the extra storage space for your clothing can be a great way of taking the stress off the garment-acquiring process, and allowing you to express your fashion creativity as much as you like.


Don’t just stack things up in boxes, though. Do it in style. Mirrors on every wall, ceiling hangers, and attractive carpeting, for example.


Turn it into a quiet contemplation room


In the constant hustle and grind of 21st Century life, many of us don’t manage to find the time and space we’d like, in order to routinely get in touch with our spiritual or contemplative sides.


Turning a garage into something like a quiet-contemplation room, or even a personal chapel, means that you always have a space to hand where you can retreat when the frustrations of the world become a bit too much, and when you need to connect with something deeper.


Comfortable seats and cushions, religious texts or artefacts, meditation cushions, and soothing music are all the order of the day here.


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