First Home? No Worries

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When you first move out and into your own first home – whether it is rented or your own – it is a pretty scary experience. If you are moving out on your own, the sudden burden of responsibility can make you wish you could go back and be a kid again!


But this is also your chance to be free and to do what you like with your space. Even in a rented home where you can’t change the colours on the walls or even pin up a poster, there are lots of ways to make your nest straight away. So before you get bogged down with the details, here are a few ideas to get you going.

Ask for Help Moving

No-one should ever try to move house all by themselves. This is a steadfast rule that applies to everyone and whether it means roping all your friends and family in or hiring furniture removalists, you should have help. Think of yourself as the ringmaster, directing where necessary and trying to keep track of your packing progress!


You can also help yourself by labelling boxes and colour-coding them by room. This will make the unpacking much easier and your boxes won’t end up in a single heap in the middle of the floor either. You should also have a box of the basics for moving such as a kettle and toaster, a loaf and some tea bags. This will keep you going on the day!

Take Your Time (and Eat Take-Away)

Moving into somewhere new takes time and it won’t happen overnight. This means that you need to be prepared for a week of what is essentially camping – albeit with a bed, bathroom and kitchen! Give yourself a bit of a break on the cooking front and just accept that your first week won’t be revolutionary in the kitchen. You will probably eat a lot of sandwiches and takeaway while you figure stuff out.


Some rooms will take a fair bit of time to figure out so don’t worry about shoving things into cupboards and then coming back and switching everything around at a later date. This is entirely normal and gives you a bit of time to work out where the most natural and sensible places for things are. The kitchen is a devil for this so don’t panic, go with it.

Show Off Your Interior Style

It is very likely that, unless you are very lucky, you will be making do with cheap and cheerful furniture with a good mix of hand me downs. This can make it seem impossible to express your own personality but fear not. Lighting is a great way to introduce your new ideas with string lights and lamps making a huge difference to the atmosphere of each room.


If you own your home, this is your chance to make a real splash with your paint colour of choice. Go with your gut and be bold with your ideas – paint is relatively cheap so if you change your mind you can always have another go!


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