It’s the Fine Details That Make Your Home Worth Living In

People often throw around advice on how to “make a house a home” but they rarely think about what it really takes to transform the environment into something that you can really connect with. In fact, people don’t even realize what really makes a home. It’s not so much the design or the furniture you use, but more about the memories you have that are associated with that home. That’s why many people can feel “at home” in different locations that are not necessarily their own property. Some people feel at home visiting their parents, others feel at home in certain restaurants and stores, and others might feel like their local coffee shop is their most comfortable location.

Let’s face it, everyone has their own comfort zone, but who wouldn’t want their home to be that special little place where they can relax and enjoy themselves? To help you out, we’re going to discuss the fine little details that really make your home worth living in, and how you can harness these benefits to improve your life.Tray on Coffee Table

It’s not always big furniture pieces that make your home feel like a home. 

Giving rooms purpose


Purpose in life can vary from person to person. When it comes to your rooms, purpose often depends on what you actually do at home. Rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and dining room have basic purposes that are easy to identify. However, what about your living room? What exactly do you do in the living room that gives it a purpose? If it’s just to relax, then you could do it in your bedroom, couldn’t you? If it’s to socialize, then you could also do that in the kitchen or dining room.


The idea is to give every room a purpose and make use of it every day. If you want your living room to be that socializing area where your family gathers, then get them together every day so you can watch TV together or chat. If your family is too busy and only meets together in the morning for breakfast, then it’s fine to accept that your living room is no longer the meeting place for the family.


Small details count


Humans have five traditional senses, so why not focus on all of them? When it comes to smell, for instance, things like home scent diffusers can really add a nostalgic or memorable element to your rooms. When it’s about hearing, something simple like the ticking of a clock or some gentle music can make you feel at home. For vision, memories like pictures, photographs or even your child’s drawings can make you feel like you’re at home.


The idea is to play with all five of your traditional senses. That’s why when we eat certain foods, we trigger that nostalgic feeling that we get because we conjure up memories. The same can apply to your decor, and it’s the subtle, small details that really make a huge impact on how you perceive your home.




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