The Pros And Cons Of Splashing Out On A Swimming Pool


You might find the idea of installing a swimming pool in your back garden a little pretentious. However, if you love nothing more than taking a dip to cool off from the midday summer sun, you might be able to do this in the comfort of your own home rather than taking a trip to your local swimming baths. If you have enough space to the rear of your home and the land that you call your own is relatively flat, you might be able to design your very own bespoke swimming pool. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy a flashy seashell type design or a more minimalist pool in which to do lengths, you could find yourself utilising your back garden in a whole new way. Take a look at the pros and cons of owning your own swimming pool.Sunglasses, Pool, Recreation, Resort, Sun


Family Fun

The number one activity to do when on holiday is to take your brood swimming. As soon as you land on one of the Balearics and you’ve ventured to your accommodation, the first thing your little cherubs will want to do is dive bomb the swimming pool. They will be whipping on their trunks and swimming costumes and stay in the chlorine rich water until they are shrivelled up like a prune. Finding the prime position around the pool in the centre of your hotel complex is a chore first thing in the morning. However, sipping a sangria while the watching the kids splashing around and having a read of the latest bestseller while catching some rays allows you to relax and unwind when abroad. Imagine being able to do this in your own back garden. They’ll be no race to the best sun loungers, and the pool will be all yours.


For recreation, a pool is great fun. The kids can spend their summer days outside taking part in a something a tad more physical than playing games on their Xbox. Swimming is a healthier pastime than more twenty first century pursuits. Every parent would rather their kids were swimming lengths, honing their diving technique or practicing their star floats rather than scrolling through endless social media feeds.


It’s not just the kids that can enjoy everything that a swimming pool has to offer. You can invite pals around for music-filled pool parties, barbecues, and outdoor soirees. Adding a swimming pool feature to your garden can help you find a new use for a once redundant outdoor area. The swimming pool will make for many fun summer social gatherings.


However, you also need to consider safety around the side of your pool. If you have younger offspring, it can be worrying when you need to monitor in them outside all the time. The hazard of a swimming pool may cause more concern than it’s worth. Only if you have teenagers should you be considering the installation of a swimming pool.



If you think back a couple of decades ago, only the very rich had swimming pools. Often these were at the rear of the most palatial of properties or even in the basement of a sprawling villa. Fast forward into the twenty first century and swimming pools are now becoming more accessible. Many building firms are beginning to specialise in the installation of swimming pools and have their own water pumps, excavators, and polyvinyl sheets. Alongside garden designers and architects, bespoke swimming pool shapes and creations can be installed. Ensure that you research a few firms that could install your pool. Ask friends for recommendations and don’t forget to check out online reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask to see finished pool designs that companies have installed and seek out references and testimonials.


While swimming pools are still an expensive big ticket item to have for your humble abode, they can bring a lot of joy to the whole family. If you have kids that enjoy swimming, and you can see yourself utilising the swimming pool throughout the summer season, it may be an expense worth paying. If you’re planning on selling up and moving home anytime soon, a swimming pool might not be a great investment. The chances of you seeing a return on the expense are very slim. You will be better off extending into your attic to create a new bedroom or knocking through to make a more open plan kitchen dining area. These are the sorts of renovations that will see a more instant return on your investment.

Taking Care Of Your Pool


For those who enjoy keeping their homes looking immaculate, adding a pool to clean to their repertoire of chores might sound like heaven. For most individuals, the upkeep required to prevent a swimming pool from becoming green and sludgy or dried up can come as quite a shock. You don’t simply need to use a net to pick out the bugs and the leaves. You need to keep the water in your pool chemically balanced to achieve optimum PH levels and prevent harmful bacteria from forming.


If you aren’t a swimming pool expert, it may be better and safer to call upon the services of a professional pool cleaning company. While this might be an added expense, you can feel safe in the knowledge that no one will be getting sick after taking a dip in your kidney shaped swimming pool.


While swimming pools are still seen as the epitome of luxury, there is no reason why you can’t invest in one if you feel your family will reap the benefits of having one installed in the back garden. You may even find that your humble abode becomes the talk of the street.


Swimming is the best form of exercise, a swimming pool can create an incredible social space for family and friends, and many happy memories can be made around the pool. While they are expensive, take a lot of upkeep and can be hazardous for little human beings, they can still be the ultimate back garden feature for the whole family to enjoy.


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