Why Happiness Is the Wrong Goal to Be Aiming for in Life

A lot of people assume that happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Everything they do, be it getting married, finding the right job or even making friends, tends to veer towards the side of happiness. Everyone seems to think that as long as they’re happy in life, they’ve found their path through life.


Deep down, everyone understands that happiness is an important goal to aim for, but it’s not the only one. In fact, you could even argue that happiness is just a side effect to the real goal in life; purpose. Once you find a purpose in life, you’ll much more likely to gain happiness. It’s a far more stable method of gaining the happiness that you want in life and it’s a more meaningful way to live your life.

Avoiding Momentary Happiness


One of the first things to develop is a resilience against momentary happiness. Whether it’s going on a cheap holiday or buying yourself something entertainment related that will only last a couple of days, there are many things we do that can give us a little burst of happiness but fail to have a long-lasting effect. Holidays, of course, can be an exception. There are some holidays that allow us to relax and some that can make a profound difference to our way of life by exposing us to different cultures and traditions.


However, these holidays are few and far between and most people go on breaks just to relax, drink with their friends and lounge on a beach. While that’s perfectly acceptable, it’s just another mechanism to help us cope with stress in life and doesn’t further our journey to find purpose or meaning in life. Instead, it’s just a way to avoid that internal struggle we all face.


So instead of aiming for momentary happiness, think about how you can seek meaning in what you do. Consider furthering your knowledge and finding joy in exploring the world and what it has to offer, instead of absorbing yourself in pleasures that are ultimately meaningless and do nothing but make you happy. Remember that there are many things in life that can bring you joy and also progress yourself at the same time–it doesn’t have to be one or the other.


Don’t Do Things That Make You Unhappy


Another important rule is to avoid things that make you unhappy. It takes a lot of mental strength to do this, such as navigating a divorce with a partner that you find hinders you from chasing your goals, or mentally abuses you. There are also situations like finding the right job that gives you a purpose in life, not necessarily happiness.


There’s a common saying that doing something you love for a living isn’t the best way to live your life because you start to lose your passion for that something. However, it’s irrelevant as long as that something is enjoyable and gives you meaning and purpose in life. There are many ways to find the right goal in life, and purpose is ultimately what you should be aiming for, not happiness.


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