A Countdown To A Less Stressful Life

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eliminate stress from our lives forever? Unfortunately, going to bed each night with a calm mind, and waking up to a stress-free day is a near-miracle for many of us. The truth is this: we can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives, but we can make lifestyle changes which can increase the possibility of a calmer, more freeing mind as we go about our day.


Here is our countdown to a less stressful life. Go through each point and make them a part of your life today.


  1. Stop overthinking everything


The more you overthink, the more stressed you will become, and the higher the risk of anxiety and depression. Overthinking will not help you at all, so use medications or natural remedies such as CBD paste to calm your worrying mind, and then distract yourself with something to take you away from those things impacting your thoughts. And remember, quite often, it’s our imagination that makes a situation seem worse than it is, so worrying about something is often a futile exercise.


  1. Deal with your stressors


Stress won’t go away if you don’t deal with some of the pressing problems that are troubling your life. From issues with your finances to difficulties at work, get to the source of those things that are causing you stress and deal with them. Action is better than procrastination, and while sorting out your problems is easier said than done, there may be help available to you that can make light work of the stressors you face.


  1. Ditch the people who stress you out


If there is anybody in your life that exacerbates your feelings of stress, then when possible, ditch them! While this isn’t possible for everybody in your life, there may still be people who don’t have to be a part of your social circle. This includes your so-called friends who are constantly making you feel bad about yourself. This includes the people you know on social media who rankle your nerves. And this includes cutting ties with anybody who is hurting you, in any way, as your life is better off without them.


  1. Form good habits


Rather than adhering to bad habits, those things that will negatively impact your health and your stress level – smoking, drinking, watching too much tv, comfort eating, etc. – make an effort to implement good habits into your life. This includes eating healthily and doing more exercise, releasing those feel-good chemicals into your brain. And this also includes scheduling into your life activities that will promote fun and laugher, rather than sticking to those things that drag down your day. As Charlie Chaplin once said, “a day without laughter is a day wasted.”


  1. Be kind to yourself


Want to know why too many of us get stressed? It’s because we are too hard on ourselves. In this final point, remember to be kind to yourself. You aren’t perfect, you will make mistakes, and you won’t always live up to expectation – from that you set yourself to those that others impose upon you. Today, be kind to yourself and practice gratitude. Accept your humanity, flaws and all. While you shouldn’t let this be an excuse to not improve yourself, you shouldn’t waste too much time beating yourself up about the blunders you have made, or for not being the person you aren’t. Pick yourself up, move on, and be grateful for who you are.


Take care, and thanks for reading!


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