5 Amazing Tricks To Make Chores A Doddle

I don’t usually like talking on behalf of others, but I’m pretty sure no one in the history of humankind has ever muttered the words, “man, I love doing chores.” The problem is, chores are a part of life that only the super-rich and impossibly-famous can avoid (come on, there’s no way Beyonce has ever done the ironing). But while most of us have to accept these soul-sucking tasks have a place in our lives, there are some things you can be doing to make them a little bit easier.


So, when the time comes for your next “I’m gonna crush these chores” day, instead of getting a little bit angry, try getting a little bit creative. Trust me: these tips, tricks, and bits of advice are gonna make all those pesky bullet-points on your to-do list easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and revamp your life. Mmm hmmmm.


  1. Repurpose That Oven Rack

One of the biggest conundrums in life is the fact no dish rack ever has enough space to fit all of your dishes, especially if you’re trying to wash up after a family meal or a small dinner party. It’s so frustrating because all you can do is wash some of the piles and then wait until they’ve dried before cracking on with the next load. Until now. This time, when you’ve got to the excess bits, trying popping an oven rack over one end of your sink and then letting them drip dry there.


  1. No More Bin Bag Woes

Another truly annoying reality that we can’t escape is trying to yank the bin bag out of the trash can. Because we always overstuff it, we create a suction-vacuum-thingy that no tugging motion can ever overcome. But we have the answer. Before you put a new bin bag in, cut a small hole in the bottom so that the air can escape. Voila, no more wrestling your trash the night before bin day.


  1. Make Ironing Easy Again

This might come as a bit of a sad surprise but, on average, we tend to do the equivalent of 144 miles of ironing over our lifetime, a number that equates to (at least) 1.2 whole days per year. It’s horrendous, but it’s also the reason why you need to get a steam generating iron, which they have compared to normal irons and the results are astounding: ironing becomes easier and faster. What more do you want me to tell you?


  1. Oil Up Your Shovel

It doesn’t matter whether your outdoor chores mean doing a spot of gardening or having to shovel snow off your driveway, you will find your life becomes a million times easier when you oil up your shovel because you won’t get annoyed by any clingy snow or sticky soil. It’s simple. All you need to do is buy yourself some non-stick cooking oil and then cover both sides or, if you can’t find any of this stuff, then just pop on some car wax. Simple.


  1. Sponges Are Old Hat

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom and getting rid of all that grime in your bathtub and sink and shower, you need to forget about using a sponge and reach for a grapefruit instead. Yes, you heard that right, we said grapefruit. All you need to do is chop it in two, cover each side in salt and start scrubbing. Nothing will survive.


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