A Guiding Light: Helping Others Make Decisions

Whenever you look at people in positions of power, do you ever feel as if you would be overwhelmed in their place? Well, you shouldn’t as the more and more you start to realise what entails for people in power, you will start to relax. Every person that holds a title that is in a senior position, whether it be in business or politics, they are not alone in their office. They have many advisers and people of great experience and knowledge to help them make the best decision. Of course, the buck does and always will stop with them, which is why so many choose to broaden their shoulders a bit and use their own intelligence and skills to perform their choices. However, many senior roles desire to have good clear heads thinking alongside them. This is a chance for someone like you to become involved in the exciting but serious world of corporations and or public officials.

Learning the framework


You can’t just waltz into an office and begin to play a key role in very important decisions. And, even if you have the experience of life and you believe you can take whatever skills you previously had and apply them in the boardroom, then you are approaching this all wrong. Gaining a qualification of advice and guidance level 4 which is equivalent to NVQ/QCF, is going to open up many doors. The course goes through how you should develop personal relationships so you can interact with people on a deeper level. A lot of trust is involved when it comes to advising some of the most senior people in a company, so you have to learn professional communication skills. You’ll also be taught how to properly filter through and within networks, as many in the world of business know each other and meet regularly. Wherever you go you will need to be fluent in whatever current legislation is in place and work within certain procedures to see you are meeting the standards required by law. This is something you will also learn.


Where can you go?


If you do choose to go through the advice and guidance apprenticeship, you can expect to step over people with less qualification than you. However, you can do what they do by searching for roles in the regard of advising young entrepreneurs and joining a small business that is doing quite well and wants to expand. On the other hand you can work for organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau whereby you advise people in all manner of things. Families and single people that need help trying to figure out what benefits if any they are entitled to, or possibly just what they can do if they want to switch their careers; such as evening classes and access to free courses. On the other hand you can go right into the dragon’s den and begin applying for advisor roles in corporations where the majority of jobs will be in financial and business districts in capital or major cities.


Behind the chair of power there are always people that act as the legs that support it. If you feel as if you can manage people, speak and interact with professionals in high-pressure occupations, take some kind of course or apprenticeships to begin your new path.

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