Taking Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab

People have long argued over where the heart of the home is. Some say it’s where the cooking takes place, others say it’s the living room – where people gather, chat and drink coffee, however when it really comes down to it it is probably your bedroom. While the rest of the house is generally open to visitors, most often the bedroom remains a sanctuary. So it deserves a lot of love and attention. Here are a few tips on turning your bedroom from meh to majestic.

Flatpack Be Gone


There is no way to beat around the bush on this one. Don’t buy cheap flat pack furniture. While there are a few (one in particular) fantastic budget furniture stores, investing in one of the gorgeous Studio 54 fitted bedrooms is going to take your bedroom from drab to fab. A fitted bedroom give unity and simplicity in any space.


The Soft Furnishing Aren’t Just For Looks


Having your bedroom both functional and beautiful is a no-brainer. If you have neutral coloured walls, you can use your soft furnishing to bring the pops of colour and personality. It is easy to give your room a quick makeover by merely picking up the following pieces:


Faux fur throws // Chunky Knits

Cushions // Cushion Covers

Candles // Reed Diffusers

Curtains // Blinds

A Couple of High-Quality Duvet Sets


Mixing fabric textures well will instantly give a luxurious look to any room. Think about the most beautiful hotel rooms you’ve stayed in. Cleverly designed with luxe in mind.


One Colour


While you might be tempted to slap all of the colours you love on every wall, it isn’t all that relaxing. A few colours are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to relaxation. Using a range of blues will give you the best night’s sleep you could wish for. If blue isn’t your idea of great decor, then yellow, and green follow closely behind. Using a few varying shades of the same colour family keeps the room tied together with little effort. If you are feeling rather flash, the silver is fourth on the list of colours that give you the best night’s sleep.




Often we try to rush projects to get as much done as possible. Instead, work bit by bit slowly and create the image of the ideal luxe bedroom you have in mind. Spend some time planning how you want it to look, then spend some time sourcing the best pieces. The time will be worth it. Headboards, curtains, mirrors can all be found over time and unique pieces made or found.


Scent Matters


While you are busy planning your colour palette, be sure to spend a decent amount of time finding scents that lend themselves to the mood you are trying to create in the bedroom. For example, if you have opted for the yellow tones, perhaps you’d like to compliment that with some fresh citrus smells, bergamot or fresh florals. If you’ve decided to go for a slightly darker palette with blues or greys, then you might like to test a muskier deeper scent to pull the whole room together.


Investing some time and money into your bedroom will give you a beautiful sanctuary at the end of every day.

White Bed Comforter during Daytimne


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