4 Luxury Home Trends Forever In Vogue

When it comes to interior design, there is only one constant and that’s design trends coming and going like teenage kids in their first year at college. But there is one exception to this rule. There is one niche that is immune to the chop-changing nature of home design and that’s the luxury home market.


What’s in vogue for luxury houses tends to stay in vogue for a decent dollop of years, which is what makes it such a good investment for any girl boss that’s made it big time and wants to give their humble abode a bit of form, beauty, function, wow and, above all, an extra splash of value to their home.


So, to help you know what’s on point as we rush toward 2019, we’ve pulled together a list of the most wow-factor designer trends for those with luxury homes. Trust us: draws will drop.


  1. Marble Is A Must-Have

Marble oozes luxury. It’s a material that can blend with every design dream you might have, which is one of the major reasons why this stone is still one of the most common building materials despite spending thousands of years at the top. It’s gorgeous to look at, easy to clean and, best of all, versatile too; a material that can be used for kitchen counters and entranceway flooring, dining room tables and accented moments. It’s the foundation of luxury living.


  1. Walk-In Dressing Room

Nothing will make your home feel more luxurious than having a dedicated dressing room in your boudoir. It’s about starting your day with a pinch yourself moment as you slip into a dark-wood room lined with your favorite clothes, shoes, accessories and more. It’s about having a moment to think in total clarity as you get ready for the day ahead; a space that is so ordered it will help you achieve more. It’s why dressing rooms have almost become a necessity within luxury homes. Dressing your best has never felt so good or been so easy.


  1. Going Up A Level

Once upon a time, the best way to make a statement was with a grand staircase welcoming you and your guests the moment you pushed open your front doors, and while these still play a huge role when it comes to luxury living and wow-factor, there is a new kid on the block: home lifts. Luxury homes rarely sit on the small end of the scale. They are huge houses with three, four and five floors, which is why home elevators have become so popular. They add an extra dollop of convenience and comfort to a home, as well as adding a splash of value to your luxury home too.


  1. Soak In Luxury

Every girl boss needs to capture a moment of quiet time away from the madness and there’s nowhere better for this than soaking in a tub. But while a bathroom is usually standard, luxury homes take things up a notch. Instead of one vanity, they have two. Instead of a standard tub, they have a clawfoot one with panoramic views. Instead of standard lighting, they have chandeliers. It’s about creating somewhere you can slip off for hours on end – a home spa.



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