Make Your Home Feel Bigger Without Getting An Extension (Yes, It Is Possible)

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Ok, so I might be traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly stopped loving home interiors. Moreover, when you’re staying in a new place, one of the first things you’ll notice is whether the space feels big or small. So, I thought this would make a good topic for a blog.


If you’re sat there wishing that your home was a little bigger, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the available budget probably won’t stretch to an extension. With this in mind, here are 10 alternatives that might be up your alley.


#1. Get Rid Of The Rubbish


There’s no doubt whatsoever that a cluttered home will feel smaller than it needs to. Therefore, ending your habit of hoarding is the best starting point by far. Aside from clearing space around the home, it can be a great way to earn some extra money online or at a garage sale. Of course, this revenue can be put towards the additional upgrades mentioned below.


Above all else, decluttering the home encourages you to declutter your life by taking on a better frame of mind. Frankly, the benefits that this brings will extend far beyond your home life.


#2. Start Utilising The Walls


While selling unwanted goods will give you a great starting point, removing bulky furniture is where you can truly make a difference. Using TV wall brackets or using geometric shelves instead of display cabinets saves valuable floor space. When added to the fact that these options are often a little cheaper too, there’s no excuse for ignoring the switch any longer.


This idea can be used in all living spaces while also adding a touch of style to the design. For an even greater result, why not try finding hidden storage behind the doors too?


#3. Stop Wasting Rooms


Most families enjoy the thought of having a guest room for when friends and family come to stay. However, holding back an entire room for the sake of a few nights each year simply isn’t practical. Converting these unused spaces to a home office would be a far smarter option, not least because it’ll add value. Alternatively, a home gym or an additional living space could work wonders.


Wishing for extra space when you aren’t even making use of the rooms you have would be nothing short of a disaster.


#4. Make More Of The Garden


If your property is blessed with a garden, it can be your secret weapon. When used well, it’ll bring a whole new dimension to the property. There are many ways to achieve this, including adding a deck or creating a space for gardening or other outdoor activities. If nothing else, spending more time out in the garden will reduce the threat of getting bored by the same four walls indoors.


Given that the external space can additionally become the envy of your neighbours, this is not an opportunity that you should let pass.


#5. Think About Light & Colour


When entering a room, the eyes will instantly form judgements about the space. The lighting and colour schemes will be among the most influential features, which is why you must not ignore them. Playing with the lighting in a creative manner can completely alter your perceptions of the space. Meanwhile, opting for a lighter colour scheme helps reflect the light.


Use a feature wall to promote a positive energy too, and you should find that the rooms feel bigger and better in no time.


#6. Embrace Natural Lighting


While the manufactured lighting will serve you well, it serves little function if it isn’t supported by natural lighting. A windows replacement upgrade can inject extra light into living spaces for an energetic atmosphere. The fact that the thicker glass will aid insulation and your energy efficiency is merely a bonus.


If the property is on a main road and faces privacy issues, decorative window films are an ideal solution.


#7. Go Open Plan


The open plan living space has become a growing trend among modern homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. While the physical gains of removing a wall are minimal, the impact on the vibe can be huge. If you still want the opportunity to split the property into separate rooms, bi-folding doors can work wonders.


Taking this route can also aid your interior design aspirations as you can use the same colour schemes throughout the home.


#8. Make Smarter Furniture Choices


Even if you manage to remove bulky display cabinets and similar items, you will still need various furniture pieces. While it’s nice to have a bigger bed, there’s no point in swamping the bedroom with a king size when a double will do. Similarly, if the family meals are limited to just a couple of nights per week, you may want to choose a retractable table.


Another option is to select furniture that can serve multiple functions. When you get these elements right, the difference can be felt right away.


#9. Build A Summerhouse


A summerhouse can improve your home life in several ways. Better still, soundproofing it allows you to use it for a number of tasks that would otherwise feel inaccessible. If you are going to make the most of this new room, however, you must also add heating and lighting. Otherwise, it’ll inevitably become little more than a shed.


While this is the closest idea to building an extension, it’s a far quicker, cheaper, and easier option. Embrace it.


#10. Go Big On Size, Small On Quantity


Adding accessories is a crucial step towards building a better home, not least in terms of the space. While your old habits may have included using lots of small decorative pieces. In truth, opting for just a small number of cantaloupe-sized vases will have a far better impact. This fits in with the idea of decluttering but also offers so much more.


Combine this idea with some of the others mentioned above, and it’ll feel like you’ve upsized without requiring a move. Perfect.



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