Transitional Interior Design Is The Best Style To Adopt

Rectangular White Wooden Kitchen Table

Renovating a home isn’t easy. There’s a lot to be considered in terms of the new design you’re going to adopt. Even if you’re opting for a DIY approach and a relatively small-scale project, you still need to make a plan. If you change the look of one room then you should be changing the look of every room to maintain consistency in your household. It’s important to make sure that your interior design looks and feels visually pleasing. You need to feel comfortable in your own home, and your surroundings play a big part in that. If you’re wondering which popular style to adopt then you might want to create a transitional interior design in your household. This type of design blends both classic and modern styles. It’s appealing because it’s sleek and stylish yet warm and inviting. It takes the best of both design techniques. These are the steps you should take in order to make your home look transitional.


Let each room breathe.

The first way to improve your household is to let each room breathe. Whatever style you choose, spaciousness is always vital to the aesthetic of a home’s interior. You should start by aiming to reduce the clutter in your house; you need to optimize the interior design of your home by getting rid of unnecessary aspects of its layout. Transitional design needs to feel open and airy because that’s popular in contemporary homes (and it’s not a preference that’ll go out of style because people will always like their space). You might also want to find the cheapest skip hire in your area because you’ll probably end up with a lot of waste at the end of the decluttering process. It’s important to dispose of your clutter quickly and cost-effectively during your renovation project; you’ll want to save your funds for the rest of your home redesign. You also don’t want to end up with old pieces of furniture and other possessions sitting in your garage and collecting dust.


After all, your garage could be used as more than storage space for your excess belongings. You could convert this space into a brand new room. It’ll help to make your home feel bigger, and it could really help this room to breathe. The same goes for your attic, basement, or any spare rooms in the house. Why waste these spaces? To really make your home look large and “roomy”, you could convert storage zones into new guest rooms, games rooms, or general living spaces. You need to make the most of all available space in your home to really master the contemporary side of your transitional interior design approach. Small details can really make a difference in your home, too. Shelving units on the walls, for instance, can create additional storage space for your belongings without appearing to take up so much space. Making your house feel comfortable is all about perception. You need to feel as if each room is as large and spacious as possible.


Add small splashes of luxury around your house.

Obviously, you’re probably trying to renovate your home in a realistic way. You need to think about costs. But that doesn’t mean you should go to the other extreme and end up making your household look cheap. You should aim to add small splashes of luxury around your house. Much like a plain outfit that’s accessorized with a glitzy necklace or a sleek wrist-watch, your minimalistic and understated rooms should be brought to life with the occasional statement piece. When opting for a transitional style, you should aim to create an underlying modern feel in each room with a neutral color palette (i.e. a lot of white) and modern furnishings, but one or two pieces of furniture should feel slightly more traditional. You could get a 20th-century antique, for example. The good thing about vintage items is that there’s a certain timeless quality to them, especially when designing your household in a transitional fashion. If your home was entirely filled with antiques then it might look a little dated. But it could really add a dose of sophistication to your house if you decorated your humble abode with a traditional bookcase or perhaps even a glamorous dining table from a bygone era.

Use natural materials to achieve a classic style.

One of the best ways to design your home’s interior transitionally is to use natural materials. This will help your house to achieve a classic and traditional look without looking dated. Natural materials are timeless. In fact, you’ll often find a lot of wood and granite in contemporary homes even if the intention wasn’t to utilize traditional design. Wooden flooring is very popular, for instance. It’s not just about using a material that always looks classy and stylish; it’s about opting for an aesthetic which is sleek and aesthetically pleasing in an objective sense. Carpet might be warm and comfortable, but wooden flooring looks much classier. You could always give your home a cozy feel by getting stylish and contemporary rugs so that you don’t have to walk over cold flooring (that’s a much cheaper option than getting underfloor heating, after all). Speaking of granite, that’s a great material to use for kitchen countertops; it’s relatively cost-effective, it looks glamorous, and it’s a natural material which blends well with many elements of contemporary interior design. There are plenty of ways to beautifully merge design features of the modern day with design features of the past. The materials you use will determine your success.


Get the balance right.

This final step is the most important one to take on board. If you want to make sure you give your home a transitional interior design then you need to be consistent. Get the balance right in every room. Think about the existing state of your home’s design, and use that to determine the direction of your renovation project. For example, if there are already classic structural features such as trims and moldings in your living room then you should balance this out with neutral chairs, sofas, and other furnishings. Every room needs to have the right blend of contemporary and traditional design. If one room in your house is entirely modern and the next is entirely traditional then your home’s interior design will seem messy and unplanned.



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