Is Your Home Winter Ready?

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While it may feel like summer is still with us some days, the winter season is fast approaching. Fast forward a couple of months, and we will be in the midst of the Yuletide spirit, providing goodwill to all men (and women), and not considering whether our humble abodes are fit for the chillier months. By focusing on your pad now, you can ensure that it is primed to embrace all of the elements that winter has to throw at it. Take a look at these simple ways to ensure that your home is winter ready.




If you have a draught coming into your living room from some unexplained place, it might be worth checking the seals and glazing of your windows. Sometimes panes can become loose, or the seal between the glazing and the frame can warp over time. Rather than make do shivering when watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, take some time now to sort out any potential glass repair and replacement that you might need. This is much cheaper than whipping up some new double glazing in its entirety, and you can enjoy warmer evenings in front of the gogglebox. As a bonus, you won’t need the heating on full blast as much leading to some much needed money saving.


Service The Boiler


If your boiler is a little late for its service, it’s vital that you get this organised before the winter months really set in. With a cooler climate, you will be more reliant on your heating kicking in. You don’t want the radiators to be lukewarm or, worse still, for a pipe to burst. Book a Gas Safe registered engineer to come out and give your boiler a once over for peace of mind. They’ll also test your gas appliances like your hob and fireplace, and provide you with a certificate to prove that your boiler is safe and efficient.


Get A Chimney Sweep


While they aren’t as all singing and all dancing as the Cockney geezers in Mary Poppins, hiring a chimney sweep is crucial if you plan on lighting a fire in the evenings as you chill out with your brood. The soot and dirt that builds up within your flue can easily catch light if it isn’t swept away. Chimney fires can damage the integrity of your house and may result in structural work needing to be carried out. Don’t risk it and get it swept.




If you have a driveway or steps leading to the front door of your home, and you have a patch of decking in the rear garden, ensure that you salt and grit these areas whenever a frost is due. By doing this, you are minimising the risk of slipping over on the icy mornings when you have to walk to your car or let the dog out the back to do his pre-breakfast business. It’s cheap and easily obtainable from DIY stores. With a shovel and a bucket, you can keep your home safe from the weather.


While your focus may be on creating a cosy and relaxing space for the winter months, don’t forget the more practical aspects that need sorting for the chillier season. By following these steps now, you can be certain of making your home ready for the winter.



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