Renting A Property? Know Your Rights

We’ve talked before about how to save money when you are renting property? But have you thought about what you’re entitled to when you choose to rent from someone else? Remember, you will have a landlord, even if it doesn’t seem like it. These days, landlords will often use property management companies who will be responsible for handling various tasks and roles around the building. The problem here is that they can often fob you off and you can end up in a constant loop of redirection. Ring the management company, and they’ll tell you it’s the landlord’s job who will tell you it’s maintenance, who will refer back to the management service. You see the issue? That’s why it’s crucial that you do know your rights when you’re renting.


Can You Renovate And Redecorate?

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You might be interested in renovating and restyling your home to make sure that it looks absolutely stunning. Even when you are renting, you probably want to put your own mark on it. But just how much can you actually do? Well, that’s a good question, and the answer will typically depend on your lease. If you read through the documents you signed, you might find some information on what work you can legally complete around the home.


In some cases, the answer will be very little. However, other landlords are far more lenient, particularly if your work is going to improve the value of the property overall. For instance, they might be fine with you touching up the paint on the walls. If in doubt, it’s always better to enquire about the type of changes you can make. Do make sure you send an email to provide evidence that you did ask before making amendments.


What About Safety?


You might be concerned about your safety in the property, and this is where things get a little more complicated. If you are injured in an apartment, you might be legally responsible. Particularly, if you were injured due to a hazard, you hadn’t notified the landlord or management company about. Or, if you were injured due to an issue, you caused yourself. Alternatively, if you are injured in a shared area due to a hazard, the building management company will be liable. Getting an accident lawyer might be the best option in this scenario to make sure it’s not swept under the rug. Be aware you can be outside the building in the car park or even on the street and the owner could still be accountable for an incident.


Repairs And Maintenance

One of the best things about maintenance is that you don’t need to worry about fronting the cost of an expensive repair. If the boiler stops working and you didn’t damage it through your own actions, they have a responsibility to fix it. Indeed, they are required to fix and repair anything included in your lease which will mean anything inside the property.


Again, shared areas can be tricky. So, if a lift breaks down and you are on the twelfth floor of an apartment, they may not be required to fix it immediately unless it’s specified in your rental agreement. An issue like this will be repaired, but it could take considerably longer than a broken boiler or a leak in your flat where someone should be sent out the same day.


We hope this helps you understand your rights renting a little more and what you are entitled to.


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