3 Tips for Finally Getting Your Home in Order and Turning It into an Anti-Stress Haven

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Our homes are meant to be the places where we can feel most secure and relaxed in the entire world, at least, if all goes according to plan.


But, alas, it’s hardly uncommon for our homes to be just another source of stress in the more or less major of mountain of stress that life, itself, so often seems to be.


One of the chief causes of a stressful home environment, is disorganisation, mess, and clutter. When things are just in complete disarray, and you can’t even begin to imagine how your home would look or feel if it was actually neat, tidy, and organised, it goes without saying that your sense of wellbeing is going to take a hit.


So, for the sake of helping to make your home into the kind of place where you can really relax and let the stresses of life blow past you, here are some tips for finally getting it in order.


Hire a professional company for rubbish disposal


Your house can be cluttered with junk in all kinds of different ways and forms. You might have a heap of rubble in your garden from the previous tenants who weren’t too bothered about clearing up before vacating. You might have broken furniture or appliances taking up space, which would be an annoying task to deal with.


A key to dealing with this kind of situation? Understanding that there are dirt cheap rubbish removal companies available, who can clear up all of these types of waste for you, and more.


By relying on the professionals, you reduce the need for willpower on your own end; you save yourself time that would otherwise be spent going down to the right waste disposal points with a boot full of junk, and so on.


Set aside a weekend — or even longer — and work systematically from room to room


Look, getting your house in order is just never going to be a half-an-hour job, unless it’s already in pretty much spotless condition.


You are going to have to dedicate a significant chunk of time to the process. The issue is that the slower you are with tidying up, the more likely you are to end up “standing still” as new clutter is generated faster than you’re cleaning up the old clutter.


Set aside a weekend — or even longer — for focused work on your home. Spent as much of your day as you can afford to on tidying up. If you need to work and go to classes, commit nonetheless to an hour or two of tidying a day until the main task is complete.


Master the art of ignoring and reconditioning your emotions, and just “doing it anyway”


Your emotions, and your emotional health, and important, obviously. But it’s also important to notice when your emotions are just coming from a place or laziness, and childish resistance to work, and when they’re really meaningful. The dread you feel about cleaning up is silly. The love you feel for your family is not.


To get unpleasant tasks done, like tidying up your whole home, you just need to work on mastering the art of ignoring and reconditioning your emotions, and just “doing it anyway”.


Use positive affirmations to help you out, here. Simply telling yourself things like “this cleaning is no problem, I’ll even enjoy it, especially if I put on some music” can really help.




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