Transform Your Bathroom From Boring To Bling

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Bathrooms are notoriously expensive to renovate. Gutting a bathroom and replacing it with a fresh design can cost a lot of money and is second only to renovating the kitchen. Toilets, shower fittings, tiles, and flooring are all particularly expensive items that can rip into even the most lavish of budgets.


The challenge, therefore, is creating a bathroom space that looks bling. Most people assume that getting that luxe look requires a total refit, but in truth, there are many ways to do it more affordably. So how can you transform your bathroom from boring to bling without breaking the bank?


Replace A Tired Bathmat


Bathmats get a lot of use. Not only do you stand on them every time you get out of the shower, but they also have to live in a damp environment, unlike any other rugs in the rest of your home. Damp creeps into the material, allowing bacteria and mould to thrive, which can cause discoloration and fraying. If your bath mat is looking a little worse for wear, consider replacing it with a new one. To give your bathroom a luxe feel, replace generic colours with Persian or Turkish style alternatives. There’s no need to spend a lot of money – you can get authentic lookalikes for a fraction of the cost of the original.


Use Stainless Steel Piping



Exposed stainless steel piping is right on trend at the moment, and is a surefire way to give a bathroom a luxury feel. Exposed piping not only allows you to replace unsightly copper piping, but it also creates a feature in itself. You’ll need experts such as CBD Plumbers to do the installation, but once it’s complete, exposed piping can be a real asset. Consider using stainless steel piping to supply floating sinks and towel radiators with water.


Hang Mirrors With Style


Most bathroom mirrors hang from utilitarian hooks drilled into the tiles behind. It keeps things neat and tidy but does little to add flair to the room. If you have a mirror, think about how you could hang it in style. If your bathroom has a nautical theme, you could hang your mirrors using ropes suspended from an attractive wall fitting.


Start Using Monograms, Like Hotels


One of the ways that hotels convince their guests that they are a luxury establishment is through judicious use of monograms. Monograms, or small insignias, help to create a personalised touch in the bathroom. You can put them on towels, tissue boxes and linen baskets.


Use Brass Accents

Top of the range bathrooms will often incorporate gold leaf for added luxury. But at more than $1,500 an ounce, it’s not the cheapest way to decorate. The good news is that recreating a gold-leaf effect on a budget is relatively inexpensive: just use brass accents.

Brass fittings can be used just about anywhere, including for doorknobs, faucets, shower heads, and for piping underneath the sink. You can even find brass fittings for light bulbs, soap dishes and jars that may adorn your bathroom space.


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