Creative Careers That Don’t Require A Degree

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Traditionally any career that was viewed as a good one was one for which you would have to spend at least 4 years studying at university for – often the time spent at uni would far exceed 4 years.


Nowadays, thanks to technology changes and even whole new industries being created as well as a big shift in people’s mindsets, we’re now seeing far more opportunities for the types of careers people can have, and no longer is it the case that you have to spend years studying to have a well-paid and fulfilling career.


Of course there is never anything wrong with studying, and it’s a wonderful way to keep up to date with trends and stay on top of your skillset.


However, even studying has become more flexible, from online courses in almost every area you can think of to distance learning degrees, having qualifications in the area of your chosen career will certainly never do you any harm, it’s just not the only way to be able to do something you love.


To give you some perspective on this, we’ve listed a variety of very real careers that people are doing everyday, that are well paid, are fun, and that don’t require any formal qualifications to do.


Entrepreneur/Business Owner:


Although the terms entrepreneur and business owner are umbrellas that can incorporate many different job titles and span any industry, there’s never been an easier time to start your own business than there is today.


Of course, social media and the internet definitely help create more opportunities than we’ve ever had since they allow people from all over the world to connect at the touch of a button, but there’s also a shift in mindset that means there’s more awareness, support and options for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.




Copywriting is defined as the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Although it’s not something that everyone is able to do, or even something that appeals to everyone, it’s can absolutely be a very enjoyable, rewarding and lucrative career.


If you’re interested in exploring a career in copywriting, you should have a general interest in marketing and advertising, as well as being a good writer. Although you don’t need a degree in copywriting, it’s always advisable to learn the craft as much as possible through practice, reading, and even taking an online course.


Many copywriters start their careers through some kind of marketing internship and then go on to work directly within a company’s marketing department or in a marketing or advertising agency.


A great number of copywriters choose to work for themselves on a freelance basis, and although this is very competitive, it’s a great choice for those who want to be in charge of how much they earn, what kinds of projects they work on, and when they work.


Social Media Manager:


The job title of social media is obviously a rather new one that has come about since the rise of social media. Now that many businesses are seeing that they need to have a social media presence online they often prefer to hire someone to do this for them because it’s not something they know enough about to do themselves.


As a social media manager, you will either work within a company – usually as part of the digital marketing team, or within a marketing agency. Again, like copywriters, social media managers often choose to go freelance or even start their own social media agency where they offer monthly packages to a number of clients. Since social media does move and change so quickly, keeping up to date through courses and blogs is essential to doing your job well, but like the other jobs in this list, there are no formal qualification requirements to be a social media manager.


Graphic Or Web Designer:


Both graphic and website design are jobs in which many of the people who do them are completely self-taught. Although it’s possible to study for these at degree level, what’s more important is the actual passion, talent and skill competency to be able to be successful as a graphic or web designer.


Although many designers tend to work in advertising agencies alongside copywriters and art directors, a large portion also decide to go freelance or start their own business in this area because, like copywriters, they can make more money and have more creative freedom regarding the projects they take on.


Whilst many graphic designers and web designers will work purely within the realms of the marketing world where they focus on print and online marketing materials and websites, it’s not unheard of for them to later branch out into other areas of design such as doing stage, set, and even carport designs amongst others since they already have a creative and artistic talent that lends itself to many different industries and jobs.




Coaching in the US alone is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and is set to keep growing at a rapid pace. From business and life coaches, to holistic health and nutrition coaches, and even style and sleep coaches, this is an industry in which it seems like there are no limits.


Although coaching requires nothing more than a passion for helping people, plus a lot of integrity, it really is advisable to take some kind of certification course to understand the fundamentals of coaching that will allow you to ask the right questions and guide your clients on the best path.


Most coaches will be self employed, and will either offer in-person sessions (via video conference and face to face), group sessions, online courses, or more commonly a combination of all.




To be an author, you need nothing more than a great idea, a passion and talent for writing, and some serious discipline and tenacity – but no degree is required. Nowadays, you don’t even need a publisher thanks to the growing trend of self-publishing. However, being an author is not easy, is highly competitive, can pay very low when not being signed by a big name publisher, and has a large rate of rejection. Writing is certainly not for the faint of heart, so only consider this career path if you’re willing to dedicate a lot of time to it.


As mentioned above, these are just some interesting and well-paying careers for which no formal qualifications are needed, so if none of these appeal to you, there are many options out there.




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