Our first 24 hours in Melbourne Australia

Our first 24 hours in Melbourne Australia

We did it!! We somehow made it to the other side of the world… I still can’t actually believe it. Years… Months… Weeks of planning and finally we are here.

After the longest flight of my entire life (38 hours to be precise ) we made it and landed down under. We flew to Melbourne Tullamarine airport and landed around 19.30 oz time. Not a clue what time we felt like as our body clocks were all over the place… What do you reckon to a blog post on flying to the other side of the world? Tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments.

We were so full of emotions when we landed –  Reality hit us where we actually were, and how are we going to survive life over here. However, we did it. 3 months later whilst I’m writing this post… I’ll be sure to get a post published asap about our first experiences and all that jazzz. But for now onto MELBOURNE.

Melbourne – what a city

What a place… so we arrived on the 24th August 2018 which was winter time here in Melbourne. Little did we know how cold it was going to be. Everyone told us Australia is the hottest place ever, yet when we arrived we were freezing cold and not prepared at all. We both arrived in shorts and flipflops… We soon realised we needed a coat and scarf. Anyways that to one side, the Jetlaggggggg, but that’s for another blog post too.

So yep, Melbourne was freezing and we were ready for bed. So we headed straight to our accommodation, even getting the tram with our backpacks was fun. I couldn’t even carry mine, however, we somehow managed, and finally got to our place. No heating & no hot water… All we wanted to do was have a nice hot shower after being stuck on a plane for 38hs, but no that didn’t happen.  Then to our worst nightmare, no heating. We barely slept a wink our first night and were so full of emotions of how to feel.

We must have got a couple hours kip, and then bam it was 9 am Melbourne time, and we were so excited to get up and explore. We still couldn’t believe we were actually in Melbourne. We headed straight out for coffee and breaky. Which was wonderful, especially after flight food for 2 days prior. My dream was always to visit LUNA PARK, one thing on my tick list, therefore we headed straight there. It was amazing and just as I imagined, and of course got the photo for the gram. We loved just wondering the streets of Melbourne and exploring all the tourist hotspots.

We then headed down to the pier and had a mooch around the beach, not the Aussie style I had in mind seeing as it was like 13degrees, however, it was still beautiful to see. We then headed into town for some lunch and had a quick pit stop in Chinatown. I always love visiting China town and my love for Chinese food meant that’s what we were having for lunch. We were so full up and tired, we headed back to our accommodation for some sleep.



26th August… Melbourne Zoo

We are such animal lovers and were both dying to see our first kangaroo & koala bear, so what better place to head than the zoo? We felt like proper tourists for the day, and it was amazing. We had the perfect day, seeing so many beautiful animals, took so many photos and just had a wonderful day in Melbourne. However we were so gutted we didn’t get the chance to see our first kangaroo, but 3 months down the line, I’ve seen more than I ever thought existed.

Our first 24hours were such a whirlwind and full of emotions. Actually, it was quite hard to comprehend that we were in Australia. The following day, we decided to get our bank accounts open which meant lots of paperwork, we also needed to sort out our sim cards (Telstra for the win) and lots of other boring stuff…

We already can’t wait to revisit Melbourne and go at a different time period for the better weather this time… There’s so much more for us to see & do, and I can’t wait to go again.



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