5 Ways To Buy Better Gifts

A gift is an opportunity to show someone that you care about them. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be meaningful. If you want to buy better gifts for people this Christmas, here are a few tips that could provide inspiration.


Personalise them


Personalised gifts carry a unique meaning to the recipient – they’re not something you can grab off a shelf at a moment’s notice, and this shows. There are many ways to personalise a gift. You could theme a piece of jewellery around someone’s birthstone, engrave a personal message into a phone case, embroider someone’s name on a wallet or even create a calendar using hand-picked photos. It may even be possible to hand-craft a gift such as baking your own cake for someone or putting together a photo collage – this shows that you’ve put your own time and energy into the gift, making it all the more meaningful.


Make it a surprise


Everyone loves surprises. Whilst it’s sensible to ask for gift ideas, you can always make people doubt that you did get them that gift and then surprise them last moment with it. You can even order gifts to people when they least expect it – if a loved one’s working over Christmas, you could consider using an online florist and delivering flowers to their workplace. There may even be gifts that people dropped a hint about several months ago that they never expected you to buy (whenever someone drops a hint, it’s always worth storing a note of it in your phone, no matter what time of the year).


Think practical


Unless someone really loves ornaments, think twice before buying these types of gifts. Practical gifts are often appreciated because they’re things that can be put to good use. Of course, you can still buy unwanted practical gifts, so it’s important to have a good understanding of a person’s passions and interests – there’s no point buying a coffee machine for someone that rarely drinks coffee. Try to rely on hints for these types of gifts.


Buy experiences


Experiences can give people memories that outlive the practicality of any physical gift. Nowadays, there are plenty of sites online that sell experience packages. These could include thrill seeker activities such as sports car driver experiences or hot air balloon rides. Alternatively, they could include leisurely activities such as wine tasting events or spa days. You could even buy tickets to events such as concerts, theatre performances or sports events.


Help lift the burden


Sometimes the best gifts are those that free people of commitments. This could include agreeing to babysit for a weekend, offering to take up someone’s shift at work or offering to cook meals for a week. This helps to give people the gift of free time, which could be much appreciated if someone is snowed under with things to do.



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