Make a Feature With a Floating Shelf

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Minimalism has had its moment and after several years of clean and almost empty spaces, people are falling in love with colour again. Though you might not want to have a cluttered space, there is something to be said for curating a few favourite objects, pictures and lights to create a feature.


A floating shelf can go anywhere and is ideal if you want to create a focal point in a room. They are also quite easy to put up, even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience. You just need to make sure you have the right tools for the job and Bryson Products can sort you out no problem!

Curating Your Objects

There are lots of different ways to choose objects to feature and your personal taste is the most important factor. For example, if you have a Nordic feel going on in the room you have chosen, it makes the most sense to continue this vibe on your floating shelf.


Other ways to gather objects include colour, texture, object type and pattern. In the kitchen, you might decide to stack up all your plates and bowls, or perhaps you could make a feature using a few different sizes and shapes from your glass collection.


When you do collect your objects together, remember to consider size and shape when you arrange them on the shelf. Play about with placement and go with what feels most natural to you. Adding a plant can be a nice way to achieve better balance too.

Wall Hangings, Pictures and Decor

A floating shelf above a bedhead can look lovely on its own but sticking a shelf in the middle of an otherwise bare wall might look a bit odd. The next trick is to blend the shelf in a little bit better by surrounding it with art. Photos, pictures and wall hangings are all ideal for surrounding a shelf and using a couple of different frames in various shapes and sizes will give a more relaxed feel.


Other decor can also be used to surround your shelf. Consider hanging a camera from a hook as in the picture above or even mounting an instrument. Adding 3D elements will help to provide more intrigue to the curated set and will draw the eye around more naturally.


The last thing to consider is how you are going to light up your display.


When you are creating a focal point, lighting is the best way to draw the eye to a particular area or feature – especially if there is no natural light. Fairy lights are ideal for this kind of project but there is a growing trend for novelty lighting too. Having a neon light mounted above your shelf or even as a table lamp is a fun way to add more colour too.


The best thing about a feature shelf display is that you can play with your things and change it up according to the time of year. Nothing has to stay the same for long.



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